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It's good that you are here. It takes a lot of courage to seek help when you feel vulnerable.
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About me

My name is Ingrid Valentin, I am a Clinical Psychologist and Integrative Psychotherapist. 
Since 2018, I specialise in efficient online psychotherapy for adults.

What I work with

Below, you will find a few examples of complaints or questions that I work with most often. 

Post-traumatic complaints

After a little while has passed, post-traumatic complaints do not subside on their own anymore. I specialise in efficient therapies against this type of complaints. It can be about childhood issues, but not only.

Depression, anxiety, difficult emotions

I can help you with diagnosing as well as with treating these. Efficient psychotherapy does more than only talking about your problems. Here, you can learn a lot of strategies and exercises to manage and reduce your symptoms.

Existential questions

Even if there are no pressing complaints, sometimes people can need help with questions about themselves, the world, meaning and more...

How I work

Below, you will find some information about how I work. 

Integrative psychotherapy

My therapy is always tailored individually. Some people need more attention for their thought patterns, others for how they act or feel. Sometimes the focus will be different by periods for the same person. Often, it will be a combination. This is integrative therapy. 

Schema therapy

As children, we learn how the world works and what to think of ourselves and others. By looking at these "life lessons", and by adjusting them where needed, people can become more flexible and happy.

Trauma-informed psychotherapy

When complaints are linked with a traumatic experience, the usual techniques will usually not be efficient enough to reduce the symptoms. Trauma processing will be necessary, with attention for the past as well as your current functioning, and your future goals.

Affect Regulation Training

This is a rather structured course in 9 modules, where you can learn to deal better with stress and negative thoughts. Each module focusses on a vicious cycle that can create stress as well as how to break it. 

More about individual psychotherapy

How does it work practically?

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Availabilities: Mo-Fri 9am - 6pm
Price for individual therapy: 80€/session, 50 min
Price affect regulation training: 650€ for 9 modules
Covered by insurance/mutualité: Yes for most/all insurances and mutualités in Belgium
Location: Online